Digital payment provider BPC has announced a strategic partnership with Powwi to enhance the payment experience, particularly in South America. 

Under the terms of the five-year agreement, Powwi will implement BPC’s SmartVista suite to manage the transactional service requirements for its customers and to help drive growth across the country. 

Used by over 350 financial institutions across 100 countries, SmartVista Platform offers a selection of industry leading modules which can be used as micro services to deliver full end-to-end banking and payment experience or as a standalone. 

“We are honoured to have been selected as the issuing processor provider for all of Powwi’s debit and prepaid cards,” said Juliana Peña, VP Sales Andean Region of BPC. 

“Our five-year alliance will allow us to work closely with Powwi, one of the most innovative digital financial wallets in the region and an impressive force for good. The company launched with an ambition to make it possible for anyone to make their digital payments, including the unbanked. Together we can help Powwi to achieve this goal and more – and we are proud to do so with the assistance of a fantastic team on the ground.”

Powwi aims to implement the platform by delivering a “superior, faster and relevant experience” to their customers in a safe and convenient way. 

BPC’s SmartVista will drive internet and mobile devices, offering vital, real-time banking services such as balances and account information, fund transfers, bill payments, payment of services. It will also simplify the ability to open online accounts for transactions with a complete digital security scheme. 

“BPC will support and enable next-generation payment services for our digital debit and prepaid cards, branded Visa or Mastercard,” added Luisa Fernanda Cárdenas Sánchez, President of Powwi. 

“In addition, it will manage the processing of all national and international transactions, as well as enable effective fraud management with the SmartVista Fraud Management suite, which provides all the necessary digital security features to mitigate risk and to ensure the successful use of our services across the country.”