Neosurf CCO Andrea McGeachin ‘more than excited’ about the jump into the metaverse

As Web3 technology expands to deliver new and innovative tools in the payment space, Neosurf and other financial institutions have had to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of digital financial technology. 

During ICE 2022, Payment Expert News Editor Joe Streeter spoke with Neosurf Chief Commercial Officer Andrea McGeachin, as she stated her excitement on the firm’s Digital Cash feature. 

Diving into the expanding metaverse, Neosurf’s Digital Cash offering enables esports players to buy, manage, collect and share digital assets such as cryptocurrencies within the digital world. 

McGeachin commented on Neosurf’s latest feature, stating: “I’m more than excited about it. We did some research with the gamers to find out that they had no idea what Neosurf was, whereas as a gambler does understand the word Neosurf because we’ve been around a while. 

“We worked with Arcanist, a marketing agency that works in esports and now trademark Digital Cash by Neosurf. It’s fundamentally different from an esports point of view because it’s about being embedded in that area of the players mindset.

“We are going to be the only people so far that’s going to bridge the proper gap between the real currency and the digital currency into that metaverse.” 

The metaverse is becoming an increasingly viable digital platform for financial institutions to take advantage of, possessing Web3 tools such as cryptocurrencies, assets such as digital retail space and NFTs can all be traded, stored and bought within this expanding world. 

Banks such as HSBC have already begun their adventure within the metaverse, whilst blockchain firm Next Earth are creating innovative outlets to thrive within the space. 

Having already formed a strong presence within the gambling sector, Neosurf’s move into the esports industry is something new to the company. McGeachin believes ‘conversion, support and engagement with the player’ are all principles that Neosurf can bring over from its work in the gambling space to esports. 

McGeachin also commented on the user experience Neosurf aims to provide players in the esports landscape, by: “Engaging with the player when they want to be engaged with, not pushing at them, but being responsive. 

“Payments are boring, because they should work. It’s what the experiences that the player gets.”