UK bank NatWest is linking up with Amazon Web Service (AWS) to collate data across both businesses to better understand its customers. 

NatWest will use AWS’ data analytics service to gain new insights into its customer needs by adapting its retail, wealth and commercial operations. 

“This collaboration recognises the strength of our vision, our people, and our data capability,” said Alison Rose, CEO of NatWest Group. 

“It will allow us to better serve our customers across the bank by developing financial products that are frictionless, more personalised, and easier to understand and compare. By working with AWS we can achieve this quickly, easily and at scale.”

NatWest has already put plans in motion to help service its customers efficiently through various means by processing its ‘Payit’ function, which intends to launch later this year. 

Scott Mullins, General Manager at AWS Worldwide Financial Services, added: “NatWest Group’s move to AWS and their use of our machine learning tools that make it easier and faster to build, train, and deploy machine learning models, will provide data-driven insights from across the organisation. 

“This enables them to respond quickly to customers’ needs, bring innovation to market faster, and scale up services to meet the demands of their business now and in the future.”