Utilising open payments tech, Volt, Yapily, and Token have united to boost cross-border donations to victims in Ukraine.

As part of the collaboration the three digital finance providers have put together an online page which anyone can use to donate, regardless of where they are in the world.

Steffen Vollert, Volt Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, said: “This portal is a simple way of securely contributing to victims of this terrible crisis. It ensures donations arrive with the organisations instantly, and that there are no card fees, or SWIFT costs paid by the senders or the beneficiaries.” 

In addition to being fee-free, the instant payments can vary between one or 10,000 Euros or British Pounds. Depending on the donor’s choice, the funds are received directly by either UNICEF, the National Bank of Ukraine, or the Polish Centre of International Aid, which all support victims in Ukraine.

Vollert added: “We are working with three causes, so people donating are able to choose where their money goes.

“The team at Volt would like to express our support for, and solidarity with, all those impacted by the conflict. We also thank our partners at Yapily and Token for their support.” 

This is the latest development in a series of international public donation efforts since the newest escalation began earlier in February.

Furthermore, digital assets have also been a significant route for donations to Ukraine, reportedly amounting to $37M as seen in data from CoinTelegraph.

The funds have been utilised by Ukraine to bolster the country’s defence capabilities against Russian aggression.

Alex Bornyakov, deputy minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, also mapped out that he believes the influx of digital currency donations will continue in the coming days as global support for the country deepens.