TSB Bank has revamped its onboarding process for customers by integrating Onfido’s face identification technology to help reduce customer friction. 

The financial organisation claims that its mobile functionality has been updated so only eight scrolls are needed to sign up on their mobile app, compared to 60 scrolls on their website. 

Additionally, TSB noted that the number of questions to sign into a TSB account will fall from 49 to 22, as the lending company aims to strike the right balance between customer institution and friction. 

Speaking exclusively to Finextra, Kavin Mistry, Head of Digital Sales and Growth at TSB says that the revamped journey for mobile TSB users is, “the fastest and most secure that TSB has had to date.” 

Furthermore, Mistry reveals that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic required TSB to improve its mobile functionality due to users opting for a digital platform. 

“That’s the nucleus of why we’re trying to adopt a mobile first strategy,” the sales head added.

“As part of that, having the ability to become a TSB customer through mobile was at the core of what we wanted to do and the main driver for our timing of this announcement, essentially catering for a surge in digital applications.”

Onfido helps TSB users by taking their physical identifications by comparing them with a biometric video of new account holders. Mistry believes this is a “good balance of artificial intelligence and human experience to make that verification process as accurate, quick, and fast as possible”.

Once on the platform, TSB users will have access to their emails. Users will also be able to have instant access to the mobile banking app quickly and efficiently than what was once before.

The newly integrated interface will also fall in line with TSB’S BankiFi-assisted app ‘Revenu’, which it launched last week 

TSB Bank’s new digital journey has met AA standards. The firm has also worked with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to ensure accessibility features were implemented in the design. 

Mistry concluded: “At TSB, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do and we take it very seriously. We understand that customers have complex needs and different accessibility needs and so, we have partnered with the RNIB, who have supported us in the development of this.”