Crypto finance and mobile banking firm Hi has linked up with Contis for the launch of a crypto debit card that allows consumers to use their digital assets. 

The debit card will be able to be used for over 60 million different merchants. 

The collaboration of the debit card allows Hi members to transfer any crypto assets in their accounts to be converted into fiat money at any point-of-sale. 

In addition, the new debit card gives customers a ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) option which helps in deciding when digital assets get converted. 

“Thanks to Contis, we are delighted to be at the forefront of innovation in payments and look forward to rolling our cards out to eligible hi members, starting with Europe later this year,” stated Sean Rach, Co-founder of Hi. 

Contis is a Bank as a Service (BaaS) which provides open banking technology to help its customers with online payments and accounts. Adding a crypto-based payment option helps BaaS’ such as Contis adapt to the ever-growing nature of cryptocurrencies. 

This recent collaboration with Hi is one of many Contis has embarked on, having teamed up with Bitpanda last year on a multi-asset debit card.

Hi allows those eligible for its crypto debit card a personal Iban account, allowing them seamless on/off-ramp. 

Rach concluded: “Our goal is to overcome one of the most significant challenges in the market today – making it simple and seamless for people to spend crypto.”