Fintech company Unlimint has expanded its global operations by adding the payment platform Pix to the firm’s portfolio.

Pix is a relatively new offering, with the platform’s announcement coming in 2019 so that it can be launched a mere one year later. Created and managed by the Brazilian Central Bank, the platform was released aiming to increase banking competition in the country. The system’s transactional value statement as of November 2021 has been estimated to be around US $682 billion.

“At Unlimint, we are constantly monitoring global trends to guarantee that our customers are prepared for tomorrow and are able to take advantage of it. This is why we are glad to expand our merchants’ payments toolkit with PIX and strengthen their positions in one the world’s biggest eCommerce markets – Brazil,” said Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer at Unlimint.

By adding Pix to the company’s local payment solution portfolio, Unlimint has managed to secure a favourable spot in Brazil’s booming digital payments economy. Latest estimates point to a total of 80% of debit and credit card transactions in Brazil being made through Pix, unlocking some extra 107.5 million customers for Unlimint’s user base.

Skrynova added: “Pix opens the door to instantaneous payment for e-commerce purchases and we are certain that it will help boost Brazil’s already dynamic eCommerce growth even further.

“This addition also strengthens our local offering even further, allowing us to provide our customers with all available payment methods in the region today.”

The size of the Brazilian online population ranks fifth globally, with nine out of 10 Brazilians being active netizens every single day. Predictions for 2022 amount to a total of 77.87% of Brazilians having access to the web, with the rate of the country’s internet penetration quickly amassing to 83%.