LeBron James stars in crypto.com debut Super Bowl commercial

NBA icon LeBron James was the star of crypto.com’s Super Bowl commercial last Sunday. 

Within the video, the 37-year-old basketball player meets his younger 18-year-old self in the teenagers room through the stunning work of CGI. LeBron tells the younger version of himself: “If you want to make history, you got to call your own shots.”

Speaking on the development of the commercial, Crypto.com North American Creative Director, Ben Lay, said: “He’s (LeBron James) such a transcendent figure. But yet at the same time he brings us humanity we can all relate too. 

“Together, we are building a new generation of builders to create a better version of the internet.” 

This commercial comes on the heels of crypto.com gaining the rights to rename the previously named Staples Centre, to crypto.com arena. The home of the Los Angeles Lakers who LeBron James plays for. 

Along with other crypto exchange companies such as FTX Trading and Coinbase, crypto companies spent a combined $6.5 million on Super Bowl commercials this year. 

Crypto firms were so prevalent on people’s screens during this year’s Super Bowl it has been dubbed ‘Crypto Bowl’ by U.S media. 

American comedy veteran Larry David starred in a tongue-and-cheek FTX Trading commercial not knowing what crypto was. Coinbase garnered attention with its ‘barcode knocking from the screen side to side’ commercial that their site crashed momentarily. 

Coinbase’s Chief Product Officer, Surojit Chatterjee, claims the website ‘saw more traffic than we’ve ever encountered’, due to their Super Bowl commercial.  

But after all the attention crypto companies gained from this year’s Super Bowl, this hasn’t translated into rises in crypto currencies across the board, according to thestreet.com. 

Bitcoin still failed to reach the $50,000 market line after last weekend’s commercials, despite being the largest crypto currency in the world by market cap. 

Co-founder of mobile digital bank MinePlex, Alexander Mamasidikov, believes the amount of crypto commercials, “stirred investors to take a more conservative approach to BTC (Bitcoin) for the time being.” 

Mamasidikov stated: “The fact that too many crypto firms published their adverts at the Super Bowl LVI event has made the digital currency ecosystem to be compared to the dot com bubble era.”

The ‘Dot-com Bowl’ took over Super Bowl commercials in 2000 with 17 businesses ending in ‘dot-com’. Whether crypto can emulate the same success in the coming years remains to be seen.