HSBC bank and ONE esports have formed a partnership that will look to ‘evolve player engagement in esports’. 

The financial powerhouse HSBC will guide ONE esports, a subsidiary of Group ONE Holdings, in managing in-game resources and prizes on multiplayer platforms on MOBA games. 

Players will gain insight, tips and hints through tailor-made content. Both companies are hoping for the expert knowledge to be transferable from outside of gaming too. 

HSBC’s Global Head of Brand and Global Partnerships, Jonathan Castleman, commented on the newly formed partnership: “We are hugely excited to partner with ONE Esports and work together to help gamers, fans, and teams with their in-game and real life financial fitness.  

“Our wider partnership with ONE Esports will help us to learn about an industry that is growing fast, and that is increasingly important to many of our existing and future customers.” 

In addition to HSBC’s expertise, ONE esports will use their analytics and insight teams to conduct research into players preferences and behaviours in relation to the financial services.  

“HSBC has a proven track record of helping individuals and businesses unlock opportunities, and this partnership can help us all reach new heights,” says ONE esport’s CEO, Carlos Alimurung. 

“Esports has already achieved huge growth, and its potential continues to soar.”

The global esports market made over $1 billion in revenue last year. Esports also saw a growth in player numbers by 5.3% of which 55% were based in the Asia-Pacific region. 

HSBC and ONE esports will partner on 10 community tournaments and one major event this year, starting as a pilot in Malaysia and Indonesia.