OKTO links with REAC to boost cashless Dutch gaming market

Greek-based payment platform OKTO has confirmed collaboration with the Dutch arcade machine developers REAC to power up gaming machines with cashless payment services. 

Over 25,000 gaming machines in over 200 venues in Holland have integrated OKTO’s cashless payments technology with REAC’s management and monitoring system. 

Theo Engelis, Business Development Director at OKTO commented on the partnership with REAC: “REAC is a highly respected partner which has built strong and long-standing relationships in the market based on a 25-year history. 

“We’re glad that we can now provide even more merchants with a payments technology that streamlines and simplifies the payment experience on gaming machines. Through our collaboration we have been able to make a rapid and decisive entry to what is an important and highly regulated market in Europe, introducing our licensed, omni-channel, cashless solution.

Having been in the industry for 25 years, REAC has placed a key focus on providing a seamless payment journey, now embracing magicPAY and the rise of contactless payments it’s eyeing increased engagement from a new demographic. 

“I am excited to confirm this partnership between two market-leading brands, ” says Einar Waegemaekers, Managing Partner at REAC. 

“Both organisations are pioneers and constantly exploring new ways of delivering safe, secure and seamless services to the gaming industry. We have very positive chemistry and share a similar technology-driven outlook, all of which are essential components of a progressive partnership and augurs well for the future.”