London-based travel app operator Duffel is teaming up with Irish-American payment software developer Stripe to introduce a brand new payment method called Duffel Payments.

By integrating Duffel’s new API, travel merchants will be able to make profit from selling both flights and travel product bundles such as accommodation and travel insurance. The payment solution, powered by Stripe’s technology, will also give travel businesses the ability to add fare mark-ups to their catalogues.

The platform is also aimed at new travel service providers, as the selling of flights will exclude any upfront capital or down payments. Duffel also promises that sellers will not encounter the applications, approval processes and bonds typically associated with using a payment service provider.

“Companies like Duffel are opening up the travel industry to new players by breaking down many of the barriers that prevent companies from getting started and succeeding,” said Mark Barry, Head of EMEA Startups at Stripe.

“We’re excited they are using Stripe’s financial infrastructure to abstract complexity and create new possibilities,” he added.

In addition, Duffel has ensured that its new payment offering is user-friendly for both travel merchants and customers who are looking for an easy-to-use platform. Refunds were also considered, with Duffel Payments putting travel operators in full control of handling refund claims, diverting the process from any airline rules and fees.

Steve Domin, CEO and Co-Founder of Duffel commented: “Securing a payments provider in the travel industry is notoriously difficult. Other payment solutions require new businesses to have large amounts of money upfront before they even receive payment from customers. 

“These solutions can also make it challenging to bundle up other products, refunds can take a while, and the payment process itself can be temperamental. We’re delighted to partner with Stripe to offer Duffel Payments, which overcomes these pain points.”