The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has detailed that the initial phase of UK gambling’s cross-industry data-sharing project ‘Single Customer View’ will be led by GAMSTOP.

The project was allocated by the UK Gambling Commission to BGC members with the goal of developing new safeguard measures protecting those who are at most risk of gambling harms.

People that present themselves as severe gamblers or who are generally considered to be at high risk of harm from gambling will be barred from moving between operators without appropriate intervention being undertaken to ensure they are being protected across all regulated companies.

The project was approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office last October after close examination which found ‘Single Customer View’ to be GDPR compliant.

Taking on complex data protection procedures, the BGC warned that for “some customers this may mean additional safeguards, whereas for others they may be prevented from betting entirely with other operators.”

DCMS has formally backed the cross-industry scheme, assuring that it will be an important mechanism towards preventing customers in danger of gambling-related harms.

GAMSTOP will be in full control of the trial, drawing from the organisation’s independent non-profit model together with the expertise of operating the UK gambling’s national self-exclusion scheme.

Wes Himes, BGC Executive Director for Standards and Innovation, said: “I am delighted with the commitment from BGC members and the significant financial investment they are undertaking to get on with delivering this scheme quickly.

“Whilst many companies put forward proposals for this system, it was clear that GAMSTOP stood out from the rest. They are uniquely placed as they currently operate the online gambling self-exclusion scheme which has helped more than two hundred and fifty thousand people over the last five years.

“We are committed to ensuring the trial scheme which focuses on those most at risk is proportionate and effective. We are getting on with the work of change and once again, demonstrating that despite the challenges and complexities, when it comes to safer gambling, technology is our friend.”