The UKGC commences consultation on licensing and enforcement principles

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has begun a consultation seeking feedback on its licensing, compliance, and enforcement policy procedures. 

Open until 9 February, the consultation is looking to build upon the UKGC’s ‘Statement of Principles’ that have established regulatory policies in relation to – risk assessment, licensing operators and key personnel, carrying out compliance activities and regulatory/criminal enforcement.

Feedback is required for the UKGC to evaluate its principles, ensuring that policies are transparent and up to date for licensed operators and wider stakeholders. 

UK Gambling’s policies on licensing, compliance and enforcement were last amended in 2017. Seeking to update its existing framework, the Commission points to four areas in which it requires guidance.

Of significance, the consultation seeks feedback on how the Commission should establish its position on ‘products which appear to require dual regulation’ – a concern at the forefront of the regulator following widespread criticism related to the downfall of Football Index.

“Our preferred outcome is that this is resolved through legislative change, but it is unlikely to happen before the Gambling Act is concluded. In the absence of change, we propose that we should set out a clear policy position on how we intend to deal with these products.” – the consultation’s briefing read.

The Commission requires further guidance on clarifying the requirements and due diligence of personnel deemed suitable to carry an operating licence for UK gambling.

Proposed changes on licensing and enforcement will aim to be incorporated within the Commission’s new approach which will be piloted during a 12-month period.