brings NBA fans benefits in 76ers NFT launch
Digital Image Licensed under has announced the launch of The Philadelphia 76ers’ first ever NFT collection as the NBA side’s current jersey patch partner.

The first of 13 drops within the collection was released this morning on the site, and each custom-designed collectible coincides with a ‘significant moment in Spectrum-era franchise history’.’s Executive Vice President and Global Head of NFT, Joe Conyers III, commented: “The 76ers are a storied team with such a rich history at the memorialised Spectrum arena.

“One of the things that makes these NFTs so exciting is that we get to welcome Sixers fans into our community and immortalise pieces of the team’s history in an unprecedented way, introducing their fans to a new technology and medium — and allowing them to collect and trade parts of that story. What better a way to commemorate such a cherished time and place in the team’s saga?” 

Each drop looks to showcase one of 13 officially-licensed and authenticated commemorative tickets and was designed and animated by renowned Brazilian artist Black Madre. 

The company states that the collection breaks down into three tiers, all considered ‘very rare’: Original, Banner and Signature, and all drops will include one Original series, as well as 49 mystery packs, for a total of 50 collectibles per drop. 

Generated at random, these packs will each include one piece of collectible art, either Banner series or Signature series – which can be virtually unwrapped and kept or traded on the marketplace. 

Fans are encouraged to collect all 13 Banner series or Signature series NFTs and will have access to more exclusive 76ers-themed benefits if they are successful. 

“NFTs are an exciting new collectible space, and one through which we’ll pay homage to great moments in franchise history during the Spectrum era of 76ers basketball,” added Philadelphia 76ers’ President of Business Operations, Chris Heck

“Through the Legacy NFT Collection, the past and present will converge via one-of-a-kind collectibles.” 

Should a collector possess all 13 Banner series NFTs by 1 May 2022, the NBA side claims that the fan will unlock the right to redeem an original piece of the Philadelphia Spectrum court, custom jersey, personalised message from a 76ers Legend, and VIP access to a 76ers event.