As Swedish gambling regulations battle restricted pandemic trading conditions, the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has published a letter requesting the government lift the temporary restrictions for online casinos from 29 September, and not on 14 November as previously planned. 

The association underlined that virtually all general restrictions related to the pandemic will be lifted on September 29 and subsequently the gambling industry regulations should be mirrored. 

It stated: “The main argument from the government for the restrictions was a concern that increased time spent in the home during the pandemic would lead to increased gambling problems. That did not happen, it would turn out. 

“Now that the Swedish Public Health Agency is also lifting the recommendation to work from home from 29 September, we believe that the government should lift the temporary restrictions for online casinos on the same date in the name of consistency.”

The relevant regulation relates to deposit limits, playing time limits and bonus limits for online casinos and VLTs. The government has decided on the temporary ordinance in several rounds, the most recent date being 20 May this year. It was then decided that the regulation would be extended until 14 November this year.

Furthermore, the request comes as indications are that Sweden has overcome the most difficult phase of the pandemic, and is looking to emerge from the pandemic and to return to normal. 

Against this background, BOS has requested the government to include a termination of the temporary regulation on gambling measures, together with the termination of the general pandemic restrictions. Thus, the temporary regulation on gambling liability measures would end on 29 September this year, and not on 14 November.