JCB has united with, the global payments processing platform, in order to accelerate the evolution of their partnership with the rollout of J/Secure 2.0 to’s UK merchants.

The link means that is the first licensee partner in the UK to go live with J/Secure 2.0, JCB’s authentication programme for card-not-present transactions. 

Vladi Artopé, Head of Financial Partnerships at, commented: “We are pleased to be the first payment service provider to launch J/Secure 2.0 to merchants in the UK. The pandemic has accelerated trends that we have long witnessed in the shift to ecommerce. 

“Our long-standing partnership with JCB ensures that merchants are able to securely welcome business from JCB’s 140 million cardmembers, providing a seamless checkout experience for consumers and increasing revenues for our merchants.”

J/Secure 2.0 seeks to make online commerce more secure by adding an important identification step in the online purchasing journey, which enables cardmembers to directly authenticate their card with the issuer.

It comes after 2017 when JCB and announced their merchant acquiring partnership across 36 European countries and the UAE. With the recent rise and demand for customers to move to online retail spend, JCB and have extended their collaboration in the UK to include EMV 3DS, in the form of JCB’s J/Secure2.0 for ecommerce transactions going forward.  

Nick Fisher, General Manager, Sales and Marketing UK, JCB International (Europe) concluded: “The expansion of our partnership with across Europe was driven by our established commitment to support ecommerce internationally. Additionally, online shopping is a trend which has seen a dramatic rise in recent months. 

“This integration will allow us to streamline the digital payment journey for our cardmembers and to facilitate secure transactional exchange between our cardmembers and’s online retailers, especially as we move into the recovery and growth stages in the aftermath of the pandemic.”