JCB International outlines continued growth of contactless payments

JCB International Co, the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co, has underlined the significant growth of JCB Contactless usage by cardmembers and adoption by retail partners.

The findings are part of an exclusive new whitepaper issued by the firm, which is titledPayment Perspectives and Future-Gazing’. 

The whitepaper includes insights from JCB business leaders evaluating some of the challenges and opportunities presented to stakeholders in the payments sector as well as the heightened expectations of customers as a result of the changing times.

The exponential growth of contactless engagement shows no sign of decreasing as measures implemented to combat the spread of the coronavirus continue to be a mainstay within the shopping habits of consumers.

Tsuyoshi Notani, Managing Director, JCB International (Europe) Ltd. commented on the findings: “With the pace of change being forced by recent events, there is an even greater opportunity to accelerate the evolution of payments. This means adopting a growth mindset and not retrenching to ‘the old’ normal. The payment industry is fulfilling an increasingly more important role in the economic recovery phases, and as such, it is essential to find ways to diversify the way in which we meet customer needs alongside our partners.

“There are now many options for people to pay for goods and services and preferences vary region to region and country to country. There is a marvellous opportunity for businesses to innovate and create engaging shopping experiences, but it does mean payment networks need to keep one step ahead by utilising market intelligence and providing fresh solutions to meet customer needs.

“We are well-placed to help solve the challenges ahead as an established voice in the global payment ecosystem. Long ago we recognised the importance of creating a smooth and secure transactional journey for customers. We began our international expansion in 1981 and, in 1991 we launched the J/Smart™ EMV(R) compliant chip card application for issuing partners, and in 2001 J/Smart card issuance commenced. There have been many milestones since.

“As the payments gateway for Asian customers, we will continue to collaborate with our partners in Europe and internationally to build confidence and to find cutting-edge payment solutions for our 140M+ cardmembers worldwide. JCB cards are now issued in 24 countries and territories.”