VegasWINNERS, which provides sports betting content, analysis, research, data, guidance and professional advice, has rolled out a new loyalty rewards and cryptocurrency launch this week. 

The launch will include a points system and cryptocurrency redemption marketplace, with points being earned based upon interaction on the VegasWINNERS and Krush House websites.

CEO Wayne Allyn Root commented on the roll out: “We’re excited to offer this first of its kind program. Our business is all about sports gaming analysis and advice and sports bettors are by nature high tech and also risk-takers. 

“They’re early adopters with new ways of conducting business like crypto and we anticipate this will give us an advantage with sports betting consumers and potential business partners in this fast-growing industry.”

All Krush Coin users will use a wallet assigned to them by the Krush Coin Exchange. The points system will allow VegasWINNERS to monitor the interaction with its websites and set a point value for each action.

Five billion Krush Coin tokens will be minted and held in a wallet controlled by the marketplace which will create new wallets for each user. Within the wallet a user can convert their points to Krush Coin and, initially, gifts or transfers will be allowed between wallet holders within the marketplace.