iSpent19 has launched in a bid to elevate personalisation in money management through its new money management App.

The UK fintech underlined following its launch that money management is a personal matter, which not only requires the ‘me’ approach when dealing with bank transactions but should also offer people an opportunity to interact with friends and loved ones through its transaction sharing feature. 

Examples include couples managing joint accounts, going on holiday together with friends or university students sharing house bills. This transaction sharing feature is the first made available in the App’s dedicated Members’ Lounge.

Initially inspired by personal experience of frauds, Guang Deng (Founder & CEO) revealed he launched the app to help others avoid his experience by enlisting Open Banking technologies to power his mobile banking App. It quickly transpired that users could benefit in many ways from an app that offers them better visibility and control over their money. To the team at iSpent19, transaction personalisation seems the right approach to achieve these goals.

He commented on the launch: “Faced with the Digital Deluge problem, many of us feel like we’re constantly playing catch up on matters such as financial obligations in the midst of daily information overload. Perhaps you feel sometimes that you are slowly losing control? 

“That’s because when money gives you problems, it quickly trickles into the rest of your life. It is no coincidence that we humans are not wired to leave tasks uncompleted. Having an ability to get things done there and then is therefore important to our mental wellbeing. To that end, we offer our users this practical App that helps them take quick and decisive action on bank transactions that matter to them and avoid procrastination and later problems.”