Fiskl selects GoCardless for offering elevation

Fiskl has grown its offering through a new partnership with GoCardless, for the launch of recurring direct debit payments for its customers.

The collaboration between Fiskl and GoCardless delivers to small business customers with a reliable payment method for automated invoices. 

Alina Lapusneanu, Fiskl’s CEO and Co-founder, stated: “Timely payments, underpinned by favourable charge fees as well as exchange fees, are critical to our global customer base, whether trading locally or internationally. 

“Fiskl offers the largest variety of payment options as a platform to its customer base, and we are continually looking for solutions which add value to our customer’s businesses via speed, automation or savings. 

“GoCardless solves several major pain points for our customers, enabling recurring or subscription payments, reducing late payments and providing savings on fees.”

GoCardless seeks to significantly reduce failed transactions as it eliminates common pitfalls associated with card payments, such as card changes or expiry issues, by leveraging the bank transfer system. 

“We’re excited to partner with Fiskl, offering joint customers a new way to collect payments that reduces churn, minimises bad debt, and increases cash flow — all at a cost significantly lower than cards,” added Hiroki Takeuchi, Co-founder and CEO of GoCardless. 

“This integration also provides merchants easy access to the latest technology, including our new open banking features which enable businesses to take one-off and recurring payments in a single platform. We look forward to growing together with Fiskl and our customers.”