SBC Webinars: Verification continues to be vital for US igaming


The regulatory landscape of US igaming expands rapidly, the importance of the customer onboarding and a smooth verification process elevates. 

Commenting at the SBC Webinars and Onfido presentation, ‘Expanding Horizons: Where will iGaming be in 5 years?’ Alex Ursa, Senior Product Director at FanDuel, underlined why it’s crucial for firms to place a foc the importance of identity verification in regulatory compliance; customer satisfaction; and tackling fraud. 

When it came to regulatory compliance, Urso emphasised his belief the US market to be consistent with its regulatory standards on identity checks as it gives operators the chance to scale their products up.

Speaking to Danny Hakimian, Business Development Lead at Onfido, Urso said: “Ideally, you would have regulations that are very closely aligned across all states.

“Because that would give operators a good framework to build a sustainable and scalable product. You also need to protect consumers; because if you can catch bad actors at the time of account creation, for example, that would give you less bonus abuse which allows you to be more generous to your real customers.

“That’s what we are thinking. How can we keep our doors open for real customers and make it as easy as possible for them, but at the same time make it as difficult as possible for bad actors to get in the ecosystem.”

He continued by adding that an overly stringent process can be significant in hindering the consumer journey. 

“There are a lot of silent checks that can be done to make sure a customer is who they say they are. We need to introduce methods of authentication that are passive and silent and only introduce friction when there are concerns.”

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