Fi911 launches mentorship program to elevate women in Fintech

Fi911, the sister company of Chargebacks911, has launched a new micro-mentorship program to empower female leadership across the thriving fintech and payments arena. 

The program is called, LIFT: Elevating Women in Fintech and it aims to champion and enable more women to seize opportunities across the sector.

It also facilitates one-on-one, on-demand meetings with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, including Andrea Dunlop, Managing Director of the Payment Division, The Access Group, Marion King, Director of Payments, NatWest and Sondra Fienberg, Global Workload Lead-Fraud, Microsoft, allowing mentees to discuss challenges and pressure points.

Leading the program, Fi911 Co-Founder and COO Monica Eaton-Cardone said: “While there are many factors in achieving greater inclusion for women in fintech, it’s imperative that women at the top hold the door open for others to follow. Mentorship for aspiring leaders can improve their confidence, help them build a strong network and encourage self-advocacy, all of which are key tools for advancement.”

Eaton-Cardone continues: “We often hear about the benefits of mentorship, but many find it unattainable. Especially in an industry where there is such gender disparity – women currently only make up 7% of fintech startup founders – it can be difficult to find female mentors. On the other hand, influential women are often stretched to take on as many mentorships as they would like. That’s why we chose this format for LIFT.”

Women seeking mentors are asked to identify the challenge they are facing – such as navigating a difficult conversation or transitioning into a new role – and can choose a preferred mentor to speak to. After submitting a request, a virtual meeting is arranged, and mentors use the discussion to understand their unique situation and ensure they walk away with specific, actionable advice.

Applications are now open for leaders interested in joining the program as a mentor. The founding mentors represent a group of women in various positions of influence across finance and technology industries, and include: