Fortu Wealth links with Currencycloud to boost multi-currency payments

Fortu Wealth, a London-based fintech providing all-in-one personal finance platform, has linked with Currencycloud, to boost multi-currency payments globally through its Currencycloud Spark solution.

It comes as the modern climate is increasingly interconnected and interdependent, with capital flowing across a variety of different jurisdictions as consumers manage their money. Nonetheless, much of the corresponding infrastructure used by the financial services industry has yet to catch up. 

Sharing a common mission of wanting to simplify the process of financial management, Fortu and Currencycloud have come together to provide a solution to this issue. The partnership will see Fortu customers now gain access to foreign exchange rates, international payments in all major currencies, as well as the provision of virtual IBANs through Currencycloud Spark.

Speaking on the partnership, Fortu co-founder and CEO, Azamat Sultanov, commented: “For too long, our customers have had to deal with slow legacy technology and an outdated approach when it came to making international payments. The partnership will allow all Fortu users to be truly global in their approach, making cross-border payments seamlessly.”

The partnership represents the latest development on Fortu’s journey to evolve the worlds of private banking and wealth management.

Nick Cheetham, Chief Revenue Officer at Currencycloud added: “Private banking has been the reserve of a select few traditional names, but Fortu is changing the dynamic of the industry and appealing to a broader, digital audience that has been under-served by traditional institutions. We are thrilled to be working with Fortu to help deliver a 21st century solution for their customers.”