Worldline, the European market specialist in payment and transactional services, has announced a strategic co-operation with Gold Global Currency Corporation SA, which will offer the DaVinci Gold token based on the firm’s stablecoins management infrastructure.

Seeking to expand the capabilities of Worldine’s digital asset management platform, the collaboration enhances the company’s ambitions of being at the forefront of stablecoin and blockchain technology. 

Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Blockchain Fellow Expert & Innovation Executive Advisor at Worldline, said: “Blockchain was originally designed to provide exactly this type of service and facilitate the native exchange of digital assets between infrastructure participants.

“This technology brings increased security, accountability, and necessary transparency, combined with complete automation. The Blockchain revolutionises the way valuable digital information is exchanged.

“While the WL DAM Platform was first applied to stablecoins and CBDCs, it is perfectly suited for many other sectors, such as retailing and loyalty schemes, intra-group industrial offsets, public/urban transport. Creating an industry-grade ready-to-deploy asset manipulation infrastructure was a long-time need hardly solved, until Blockchain technologies came to real maturity.”

Developed by Worldline, the DAM Platform is the first asset management solution of the stablecoins category to take advantage of a private Blockchain with full control, guaranteeing security, scalability and longevity of the solution. 

Roger Kinsbourg, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Gold Global, added: “We believe strongly that our model will be successful and will be an example to be followed by other stablecoins.

“Moreover, we are confident that our DaVinci Tokens, being a digital gold backed cash currency supported by gold giving it purchasing power stability, will reconcile the two different worlds of the legal fiat currency and the decentralised cryptocurrency and show the way for other tokens and possibly for central bank issued digital currencies.

“We needed a partner with genuine Blockchain industry-grade projects in the field, which we found in Worldline, that has collaborated completely with us in the design and development of our IT platform and private Blockchain, and we have benefited enormously from the knowledge and expertise of their high skilled teams.”