Global RegTech company, TruNarrative has confirmed a new partnership with TrustID, for the integration of their document review service into the firm’s platform. 

The integration looks to elevate the way TruNarrative delivers financial crime detection, customer onboarding and transaction monitoring to banks, financial services, ecommerce businesses and gambling operators.

Andy Pearson, Head of Data partnerships, TruNarrative commented: “We are delighted to partner with TruNarrative and offer their customers access to our expert document review service. 

“During these challenging times, it’s crucial for firms to ensure they have robust identity document processes in place. By integrating our offerings, we can help give clients confidence that the identity documents which they are seeing are genuine and they have an effective way to detect fraudulent documents.”

Via a single API, the TruNarrative platform orchestrates fraud, anti-money laundering, ID and biometric verification, multi-bureau eKYC, eKYB, PEPs & Sanctions, and anomaly detection.

Tony Machin, CEO, TrustID added: “TrustID is an important partnership, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that our customers can use as an alternative or enhancement to automated document review, allowing internal fraud teams to make informed onboarding decisions.”

TrustID’s expert review service combines human analysis and machine processing to verify identity documents. The TrustID document analysis team efficiently analysis identity documents to provide a detailed report evaluating their validity. 

TruNarrative customers can also build TrustID’s expert review into their onboarding journeys, as part of the linkup.

TrustID’s document analysis will sit within TruNarrative’s AI-driven platform providing firms the option to refer identity documents to human experts, delivering understanding into the authenticity of a document and the identity of an applicant.