Amazon unites with Ebanx to elevate e-commerce in Colombia


A new collaboration has been formed between Ebanx and Amazon which seeks to boost the efficiency of e-commerce in Colombia.  

The partnership was confirmed at this week’s chapter one of the Latin America Summit, EBANX’s annual event about business in the region. 

Once the solutions are available, Colombian consumers will be able to pay for purchases within Amazon in their local currency and using local payment methods. 

It marks the inaugural step on a strategic expansion of the two companies in the region, as they mentioned at the presentation at the summit.

“We are really excited about the opportunity in Colombia. With the large population, we believe there is a lot of upside. By partnering with EBANX, we hope to get access to a lot more customers out there. We are looking to enable more local options,” said Srinivas Rao, director of digital and emergent payments at Amazon, during the presentation at the event, to Henrik Nilsmo, CCO of EBANX. Rao also shared how the customer is always at the center of every action of the company. “I think it all starts with the customer. That’s kind of what we live and die by at Amazon. Always start from the customer and work backwards,” he said.

The partnership with Amazon leverages advanced technological products that are aligned with EBANX’s vision of increasing access to the digital economy with a focus on the customer – taking on heightened importance due to the current clime.

João Del Valle, co-founder and COO of EBANX stated: “All the circumstances that we have faced in 2020 showed that paying attention to customers’ needs and focusing on localized solutions are the best ways to thrive in such a rich and diverse region as Latin America. Enabling Colombians to access goods and services from global companies, such as Amazon, is the most perfect realization of that vision.”