Specialist biometrics company Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has announced the second generation of its T-Shape sensor and software platform for contactless biometric payment cards.

The new product solution unites R&D investment with key learnings from more than 20 market pilots and commercial rollouts, as it aims to deliver elevated image quality and increased transaction speed as well as improved power efficiency. 

The result is a smaller sensor module with increased performance and power efficiency, enabling the most cost-effective biometric payment cards to be produced. The sensor module is even simpler to integrate into the standard automated manufacturing process, using the proven and accepted T-Shape packaging delivered in dual row. 

Michel Roig, SVP of Payments & Access at Fingerprints commented: “The innovation of every aspect of this solution is really quite remarkable. It’s smaller, faster and more cost-efficient while enhancing our already market-leading convenience and security. Our team has poured years of expertise in the mobile industry, insights from our industry partners, and learnings from the many pilots into this product. 

“Here we have a product that is optimized for the manufacturing process and user experience of the payments ecosystem. With this we can reach a sensor price below USD 3 in volume production, bringing the total card cost down dramatically. It is a huge step towards all of us having one of these cards in our pockets in the coming years, bringing worry-less payments to consumers around the world.” 

In its update, the firm revealed that the solution leads to reduced waste and lower embedding costs. A new hardware and software design further improves the overall biometric robustness of the system.