Sberbank expands QR codes to boost payment efficiency

Looking to boost payment efficiency in Russia, Sberbank has expanded its offering with a new function to pay with a QR service when accessed through Evotor POS terminals. 

The new feature allows customers to utilise their QR codes in addition to dynamic QR codes already available.

Sberbank integrated the Pay with QR service into Evotor POS terminals in the middle of July 2020. Since then, merchants have started using the solution in 68 regions of Russia. For the convenience of customers and businesses, Sberbank and Evotor have expanded the functionality of the Pay with QR solution. 

QR codes used to be generated automatically at online checkouts, while now there’s a second scenario available – consumers can use individual QR code to facilitate payments.

Dmitry Malykh, Acquiring and Bank Cards Director, Sberbank commented: “We’re putting much effort into developing QR payments because they are secure, convenient, and save our customers’ time. Recently, together with our partner Evotor, we have marketed a Smart-POS solution for small businesses and micro-enterprises, while now we are running a project for individuals, who can appreciate its convenience across more than 65,000 merchant locations throughout Russia.”

Before making a purchase, users of the Sberbank Online mobile app generate a QR code inside the app, a merchant scans it with a QR code scanner or with a built-in camera inside an Evotor POS terminal. After that, the customer no longer needs to approve the transaction via the bank’s mobile app.

A new QR code gets generated every time to be stored for only a few seconds, which makes this payment method as secure as possible.

Yuri Yuryev, COO, IT company Evotor added: “The first month of use of Pay with QR through Evotor has proven that the service is called for by businesses. QR technology lets you cut merchant acquiring and equipment costs when accepting cashless payments. To expand the use of the service, we are working on various user scenarios. Customers can now choose what’s more convenient for them, either to pay using the QR code the online checkout generates or get their own code.”