Provider of global payments and currency risk management moneycorp has expanded into Canada. 

The expansion builds on the firm’s established footprint which it has built over two decades in the US, with it focused on private clients’ money transfers, corporate risk management and global payments solutions. 

Bob Dowd, Chief Executive Officer, moneycorp Americas commented: “Getting our operations and infrastructure established and fully compliant to serve the specific Canadian market requirements is a significant milestone for our company.

“Today, we are making a significant investment to build this market and with highly differentiated offerings providing both private and business clients the opportunity to choose a long-standing industry expert as their payments and FX currency partner. In today’s challenging economic environment, I am pleased to continue our expansion into a prime market that aligns with our strategic growth plans.

 “We are very proud to share what is typically only available to the largest financial institutions and corporations to all our customers regardless of size. We’ve done the work to ensure our Canadian clients get the very best pricing and pass those savings onto them directly,” continued Bob Dowd.

As one of the world’s largest independent FX providers, moneycorp offers its clients a banking group within its portfolio with banking licenses in Brazil and Europe.

For corporate clients, risk management hedging solutions are essential in these volatile currency markets and moneycorp has a team of seasoned FX specialists ready to meet clients’ business objectives by providing strategies that mitigate foreign exchange exposure. A dedicated payments team will help companies access the intuitive trading platform, moneycorp online, which streamlines and integrates global payment processing.