HSBC cardholders to benefit from air mileage rewards conversion

HSBC has announced that its personal credit card cardholders can commence with converting their RewardCash (RC) into mileage free of charge on the HSBC Reward+ app from 18 May. 

The announcement boosts the already beneficial initiative, which sees consumers gain access to gifts, vouchers and privileges available from this one-stop reward redemption platform.

Greg Hingston, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Asia Pacific, and Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, stated: “HSBC Reward+ is a quintessential example of HSBC’s dedication to improving customers’ banking experience, especially when it comes to digital channels. To make card usage simpler, faster and smarter, we’ve removed the annual mileage programme membership fee, expanded the redemption options, and made it easier and faster to get rewards.”

Since launching HSBC Reward+ in early 2018, the Bank has continued to enhance the app and roll out new features to provide customers with extra convenience and boost user engagement. 

Amy Kam, Head of Cards and Personal Lending, Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, added: “We strive to continuously optimise customer experience in earning and redeeming RewardCash. With a wider range of redemption options, including air miles, gifts and shopping vouchers, customers can enjoy greater convenience when redeeming perks. 

“This is another step-up for HSBC Reward+ following the launch of various new initiatives including ‘Pay with RC’ and RewardCash conversion to MoneyBack Points. With the prevailing ‘RC Sharing’ feature, customers can help their friends and families to obtain their favourite rewards faster at their fingertips.”

To improve the overall credit card experience, HSBC has transformed HSBC Reward+ into an all-in-one mobile redemption platform that enables customers to claim gifts, vouchers and benefits without going through the customer service hotline. On HSBC Reward+, customers can get access to a full shelf of gift items for redemption and receive an instant email notification upon successful redemption.

As part of the customer loyalty programme, HSBC credit cardholders will benefit from discounts on redemption made at the RC e-Shop based on the years of card holding – the longer the relationship, the deeper the discount. From 19 May to 5 July 2020, customers can enjoy a maximum of 50 per cent discount on a wide range of popular gifts available at the HSBC Reward+ RC e-Shop.