AstroPay confirms African expansion

Building on its already significant footprint in Latin America and Asia, AstroPay has confirmed its expansion into Africa. 

The firm is now entirely available in African countries for users who want to purchase online at international websites and need a reliable payment solution. With one single integration, merchants can receive and send payments with an AstroPay Card. 

The company outlined in its release: “As a constant searcher for alternative new markets, AstroPay believes there is enormous, acknowledged and untapped potential in African territory. With a population that ranks 2 among regions of the world, Africa is a great reservoir of opportunities.”

Thus far as part of its expansion, the solution has outlined that the AstroPay Card is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania, through different payment methods such as: USSD, Mpesa, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and also cash.

As a long-standing payment solution, AstroPay seeks to provide merchants with the opportunity to enter markets with low credit card coverage, as well as utilising a payment method that has a positive impact on sales. 

Through the AstroPay virtual voucher – AstroPay Card, operators offer its users a variety of well-known and convenient local payment methods, which enables them to obtain AstroPay Cards in local currency. Being a globally accepted solution tailored to each region, AstroPay provides users with a simple, fast and reliable experience.

AstroPay, a UK company operating in Latin America, Asia and Africa, has been established in these markets for more than 10 years, helping merchants access unbanked market share.