Brooklyn Nets star Dinwiddie unveils Blockchain banking alternative

NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie has announced a new partnership with Cred, giving fans the opportunity to earn interest on stablecoins and other crypto assets.

The newly formed collaboration, allows digital asset holders to commit to six-month terms and benefit from monthly interest payments. 

They also land the opportunity to roll over pledged assets for additional periods, with no  The no account minimum required and interest is paid out in fiat or cryptocurrency.

Dinwiddie stated: “It’s important for me to bring value to my fans both on and off the court. 

“I believe blockchain can radically reshape the nature of financial services for the better, and the Cred team is well-positioned to make this happen. I believe in Cred’s mission to provide more equitable and inclusive financial services to people, leveraging blockchain technology, and their team has unmatched expertise in capital markets, blockchain, and traditional financial services.

“This partnership comes at a critical time, where I can educate my fans on the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain while they earn interest on their digital assets.”

This is not the NBA player’s first cryptocurrency project as last month, Dinwiddie launched an Ethereum-based platform called DREAM Fan Shares providing customers with blockchain possibilities.

Dan Schatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Cred added: “While Spencer Dinwiddie might be best known for his star power on the court, we here at Cred are proud to partner with such a dedicated entrepreneur. 

“We’re thrilled that Spencer is using his platform to bring awareness of the power of blockchain to make money work harder and smarter in challenging market conditions and we are delighted to support Spencer in our collective mission to democratize financial services through blockchain.”