Digital City Festival Director Martyn Collins on the growing role of fintech

The Digital City Festival, held in Manchester brings together key figures from a plethora of industries opening and embracing discussion on the evolving role of digital tech. 

During the opening of this year’s event, it was confirmed that for the foreseeable future Manchester would host this Festival as Mayor Andy Burnham underlined that the City is looking to spread technological growth throughout the North. 

The Festival Director Martyn Collins emphasised to PaymentExpert that fintech is very much at the heart of digital tech, and will be pivotal in the event not only this year, but for the coming years ahead. 

He stated: “Any technology that is enabling our lives to be easier and better is going to be a good thing. Payments have changed beyond recognition from the days of a cheque book and it’s going to be incredibly important. 

“It’s really vibrant and it’s an employer of high quality talent, we need those businesses in the City and I think the City is generating the talent that industry needs.” 

He went onto express just how proud of the event he is: “I can’t be anything but proud, it’s something we have been working on for less than a year, so to be where we are today, looking at five days of events across the city, including the biggest business exhibition outside of London.h