Finastra elevates app marketplace with four new banking apps

Finastra deepened its offering with the launch of four new retail banking apps on its app marketplace, FusionStore

Formed during Finastra’s first appathon in North America, at the culmination of last year, the apps provide innovative saving, spending control and personal finance management services, whilst also use open APIs, accessible via the development platform.

Praising the new apps, FusionStore, Eli Rosner, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Finastra, said: “These apps are testament to both the importance of collaboration and the power of data in financial services. 

“With the use of Finastra’s APIs and the intelligent application of transactional and third-party data, these apps bring much sought after experiences to consumers, helping financial institutions deliver on the promise of innovation through collaboration.

“ opens up Finastra’s core systems to any firm or developers with the dream of bringing new solutions to the financial services ecosystem. Each app made available through FusionStore is further proof that collaboration really is the future of banking.”

The new apps include Flybits, a contextual customer engagement platform for banking, delivering 1:1 personalization at scale, taking advantage of extensive available data. 

Deborah Beatty, VP of Partnerships at Flybits, emphasised: “Using’s pre-integrated developer tools and API catalogue, we will be able to easily deploy our solution with Finastra clients. 

“Combining our industry-leading approach to contextual personalization with Finastra’s core technologies enables us to bring highly relevant and timely experiences to customers, increasing engagement and loyalty, and allowing banks to own lasting relationships through improved service and value.”

The Predictive Engagement Platform from KapitalWise uses AI to predict over 60 personal, financial, and credit events in customers’ lives to drive one-on-one customer engagement. 

Neil Patel, Chief Growth Officer, KapitalWise, stated: “Being a part of, we have gained access to a new partnership channel reaching Finastra’s customer base of more than 9,000 financial institutions. This gives us the ability to empower more financial institutions to provide their customers a hyper-personalised experience by offering the right solution at the right time.”

The personal finance app, Honeyf, was announced as part of the agreement. The application boosts couples in managing their money and saving together. 

Ramy Serageldin, Co-founder & CEO of Honeyfi commented: “Sharing your life with a partner means planning for the future. Honeyfi empowers couples to get ahead with their finances, making it easier to save and pay off debt. 

“Having access to Finastra’s APIs through the platform, as well as a comprehensive validation process, has helped us make our vision a reality and take it to market much more quickly than otherwise possible.”

As well as an AI-powered financial insight service, FinGoal finds money and grows deposits motivating consumers to engage with their financial institutions every day. 

FinGoal’s AI analyzes spending patterns to comparison shop every dollar they spend, ensuring users are getting the best bang for their buck everywhere they spend money. 

David Nohe, CEO of FinGoal, said: “With, any financial institution or fintech that wants to connect with customers on a deeper level can easily access FinGoal’s AI to grow deposits.”