Network International goes live in UAE with WeChat Pay

Payment solutions provider Network International has secured a new partnership with Tencent Holdings Limited, which will focus on making the WeChat Pay service available to Network’s merchant partners across the UAE.

Under the terms of the new partnership, Network hopes that tourists visiting the UAE will be able to ‘transact seamlessly, safely and securely’ via their WeChat mobile wallet.

“We are excited to work with Tencent Holdings to offer WeChat Pay to our clients across the UAE. Our agreement brings an incredible opportunity to the UAE’s retail and hospitality sectors, helping them cater to the growing demand from Chinese visitors,” said Paul Clarke, Group Head of Product & Innovation, Network International.

“As a market leader in end-to-end payment solutions, we are delighted to enable our network of merchant partners in the UAE to keep pace with new technologies, offering them a competitive edge.”

WeChat Pay is a mobile payment service embedded in the Chinese social media platform, WeChat. As it stands, there are currently more than one billion users of the service, allowing Network to reach a much wider demographic.

Network has since confirmed that it will act as both the settlement partner and solution provider to enable mobile-based transactions via WeChat Pay at points of sale and for online purchases.