Trustly’s Head of Sales iGaming, Nicholas Tucker and Head of Sales in the US, Ken Myles underlined the importance of leveraging European experience to the US sports betting market.

PaymentExpert spoke to the pair at ICE 2020 about how Trustly is positioning itself as a leader within US sports betting, as well as how the relationship between payment companies and US operators can flourish as the sector evolves. 

Tucker stated: “Payments across Europe varies from country to country, some countries are card dominated like the UK and Denmark, some countries like Sweden and Finland are very bank transfer focused. 

“Some countries like to use e-wallets, prepaid cards and different local methods, it changes country by country and that’s the case in the US as well.” 

Affirming Tucker’s notion that payment opportunities and trends vary dramatically throughout Europe, many have predicted that Sweden is on the cusp of becoming completely cashless, as opposed to other European markets that have been slow adopters of the cashless revolution. 

Myles added: “In the US sports betting and gaming is very new, so it’s a very immature market, but it’s going to be a very, very large market. We have 50 states in the US, so the first few states will set the standard and then everybody will adopt and there will be fast followers.”