PCI Pal has launched a new digital service, PCI Pal Digital, allowing organisations to offer ultra-secure payments across a multitude of channels.

The channels PCI Pal Digital, combined with its existing Agent Assist and IVR payment solutions, offers secure payments to include webchat, social media, email, SMS among others.

PCI Pal’s James Barham, CEO, stated: “As we see the increased adoption of digital channels within organizations, including both our partners and direct customers, we believe that now is the time to introduce our digital payment offering supplementing our existing Agent Assist and IVR solutions.

“The market is experiencing a shift towards digital engagement and as such we are creating the opportunity for our partners and customers to leverage payments within these newer sales and service channels.”

The firm outlined that once a payment has been requested on the customer’s preferred channel, PCI Pal will generate a URL that directs customers to a secure page that allows them to safely enter their payment details. The transaction will also be monitored by a ‘contact center agent’ in order to provide a ‘seamless customer experience’ for organisations.

Throughout the announcement Barham emphasised PCI Pal Digital importance whilst also ensuring that businesses will need to ‘adherence to increasingly stringent compliance and data privacy rules and regulations’. This is in reference to the California Consumer Privacy Act which ensures companies tell consumers about any data collected from them.

The omnichannel payment security system launches immediately and is available to all organisations. 

Expert Analysis: Given how much attention is being directed towards digital identity scams, PCI Pal Digital is certainly a step in the right direction. As more advanced technology becomes available, alongside stricter data privacy rules less fraudulent activity should occur. PCI’s decision to launch the system hopefully leads to more payment transactions following in its footsteps.