UKGC reminds operators of new LCCP duties

Entering the final months of 2019, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has reminded industry incumbents of changes to its ‘licence conditions & codes of practice’ (LCCP).

Issuing a market update, the UKGC reminds operators of new rules related to ‘alternative dispute resolutions’ (ADR), which will be enforced from the start of November.

As previously communicated, the UKGC has strengthened its customer/operator dispute frameworks, adding new rules and requirements to bolster consistency and reassurance should a customer challenge a licensed gambling operator.

Moving forward, the UKGC reminds operators that only approved ‘ADR providers’, who have met it’s new ‘additional standards’ criteria will be allowed to mediate industry dispute resolutions.

In its second notice, the Commission reminds both retail and digital incumbents of new responsibilities related to identifying and interacting with ‘customers who are at risk of experiencing gambling harms’.

A key directive for 2019, the UKGC advises operator management and customer service teams to refer to its new guidance documents for foremote and non-remote operators on safe customer interactions.

Closing its notice, the UKGC reminds all betting operators of their voluntary arrangements for transparency in funding contributions of research prevention and treatment, as set by the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms in Britain.

The UKGC advises stakeholder to read its consultation response document for the exact wording and a full explanation of the background and nature of these LCCP changes.