Mo’ Money Mo’ Payments: Nigel Dean, MYPINPAD

Whether you’re trying to become the next Jay-Z, the next Katy Perry or you just pop the radio and singalong, music is undeniably a vital aspect to society – as are payments.

So we here at Payment Expert decided to reach out to industry figures to see what music means to them and hopefully help everyone “learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest.”


This week Nigel Dean (Head of Marketing, MYPINPAD) reminiscences on the “heady” 80s and reveals what song makes his daughter cringe the most.

PE: You’re entering a packed arena, what song blasts out? 

ND: MYPINPAD’s PIN on mobile technology is poised to rock the payments industry… and it’s an absolutely legendary song, no disputing that, many a time I’ve rocked out to Freddie.

PE: What one song gets you in the mood for a boogie? 

ND: It’s time to live it up! What better lyrics to get you in the party mood? 

I can understand why maybe some would find this song a tad irritating but I’ve got a feeling that the majority of people would agree with me!

PE: What song would you consider a guilty pleasure?

ND: I know, I know. It’s a bad one – my 25 year old daughter certainly does not approve of the lyrics, but come on what a song!
There’s nobody who doesn’t AT LEAST hum along with it, you’re in denial if you say otherwise.

PE: What typifies your lazy Sunday? 

ND: Sundays are perfect for reflection and this song reminds me anything is possible if you truly want it too – inspiring lyrics with an unbelievable voice makes it a special song.

PE: What song reminds you of your childhood? 

ND: A dose of Wham takes me back to the heady summers of the 80’s… however I will not be going into any more details about them summers!

PE: And finally, what’s your go to karaoke song?  Don’t worry… we won’t be asking for a recording! 

ND: Sorry to be a spoilsport but no chance! 

You won’t find me cooking, dancing, or in this case singing at any type of public event – I don’t fancy becoming viral for the wrong reasons!