Folksam picks Artificial Solutions for conversational claims application

Specialists in conversational AI, Artificial Solutions, has announced today that its lead solution Teneo is powering the new mobile app from leading Swedish insurer, Folksam.

Teneo is a conversational AI platform for enterprises and is available in a total of 35 languages across “any platform, service or device.”

It purpose is to enable customers to explain their situation in their own words without the need to comprehend any terminology or jargon – in Folksam’s case, insurance.

“We’re very excited to be working with Folksam to deliver an advanced conversational experience to their customers,” said Andy Peart, CMSO, Artificial Solutions.

 “When speed and convenience has a direct impact on how customers view their overall brand experience it’s important to remove any points of friction that might get in the way.

“Teneo’s humanlike understanding and ability to carry out complex tasks makes it ideal for applications such as insurance claims, which can have many different permutations.”

Claimed to built within “a few short weeks”, the app was built in collaboration with partner Accenture.

Titled ‘Sam’, the app guides the customer through an automated process step by step, with Teneo offering support throughout to ensure that the right form is filled in at the right time. 

“We wanted to introduce an interactive way for our customers to be able to contact us at any time about a claim, and to make it faster and easier to complete the necessary forms,” commented Lars Engvall, chief strategizer of the futures lab, Folksam. 

“Teneo’s intelligent conversational style, combined with its enterprise strength development capabilities has enabled us to create an automated service that still ensures that every customer has the personalized experience they deserve.”