Fintech startup Tribe Payments has announced three new C-level appointments following the company’s launch in June

Tribe is aiming to develop a team of “industry experts dedicated to delivering the future of payments” with its mission always in mind – to deliver payment tech that “doesn’t compromise between speed and scale.”

The new appointments are: Fadl Mahmoud as chief information officer (CIO), Vytautas Mickevicius appointed as chief technology officer (CTO) and Alex Reddish appointed as chief commercial officer (CCO).

“Tribe’s technology and unique approach is powered by payments people—what we do is only possible with the right team in place. Our tribe of hand-picked experts – all plain-talking, clear-sighted, and hard-listening – are dedicated to delivering the future of payments,” explained Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO of Tribe Payments.

“Alex, Fadl and Vytautas will together help us continue to improve our offering and bring our platform to more providers – spreading the word that payments innovation doesn’t need to compromise between speed and scale.”

Fadl Mahmoud, CIO, possess 15 years’ experience within the payments technology sector, including working on the Nets processing platform in Denmark. 

Mahmoud will work with Tribe’s technical team to ensure its systems are operating at their optimum levels and processing can scale with growth.

He said: “Tribe recognises that the state-of-the-art payment services we offer requires the right infrastructure to deliver scale without sacrificing speed.

“With certification in place with the biggest card schemes, the potential for growth is enormous – a challenge I look forward to.”

Vytautas Mickevicius, CTO, previously held roles at, Alna and Deutsche Bank, his role will be to guide the development of Tribe’s technology to create Tribe’s short and long-term technical strategy.

“The Tribe platform has been built from the ground up as modular and containerised, which makes it both future-ready and ripe for innovation,” said Mickevicius. 

“Working with Tribe offers a great opportunity to work on the next generation of payments technology and with partners who want to push the boundaries of technology for their customers.”

Alex Reddish, CCO, previously held the roles including head of issuing and head of business relations at Valitor and was head of European business at Raphaels Bank. 

Reddish will support the company’s program managers and partners through the challenges of payment innovation thanks to his previous experience of issuing, processing, bank-to-bank payments and payment systems compliance.

“Tribe’s technology breaks the legacy cycle that makes it so difficult for many financial service providers to innovate and bring new concepts to market,” commented Reddish.

“I’m excited to join a tribe dedicated to delivering ground-breaking payment services where they are most needed.”