SellersFunding initiates ‘aggressive growth goals’ with UK and Canada launch

Alternative lending platform SellersFunding has announced its expansion into the Canadian and UK Markets.

E-commerce merchants in both countries will now be able to utilise the firms data-driven solutions designed to “help them obtain, optimise and manage their funding.”

SellersFunding currently possess a total of 10,000 users and supports a claimed $1B in sales globally. 

“Our mission is to make obsolete those funding challenges that have been historically difficult for online sellers to navigate,” explained Ricardo Pero, CEO of SellersFunding. 

“Our solutions are designed to help sellers obtain the funding they need to seamlessly support their businesses, and to move money around the world.”

SellersFunding describes the expansion as the “first steps towards reaching its aggressive growth goals for 2020.”

E-commerce merchants can apply for access to a monthly sum of funds, purposed to remove approvals that affect credit scores.

The concept is primarily aimed at those businesses looking to grow in scale, providing them the outside funding needed to navigate liquidity gaps and meet demand.

“We’re excited to officially announce our presence in the UK and Canada,” said Fabio Knijnik, head of global business development, SellersFunding. 

“With this expansion, we’ve also released a new version of our FX solution, SellersFX. Now, borrowers who reside overseas but have a US entity can receive funding as well as access to an e-wallet that supports over 30 different currencies.”

SellersFunding revealed it is planning to expand further into the rest of Europe “in the near future” and it developing additional global solutions.