Trustonic joins PCI SSC for data protection development

Mobile cybersecurity firm Trustonic has officially joined the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) under the label of “participating organisation.”

Joining PCI SSC enables the firm to support and work with the council and its security standards to protect payment data that’s transacted worldwide.

“Standards are the foundations for cyber resilience and the delivery of simpler, richer and more secure payment services,” explained Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. 

“Our technology has always been built on open standards, making it easier for financial services providers, developers and merchants to protect payment apps, data and IP from hackers and malware.”

As a participating organisation, Trustonic will input its observations and judgements to the development process of new security standards. 

The council consists of a “growing community” with more than 800 other participating organisations all bidding to improve payment security.

Furthermore, Trustonic will also be able to present new solutions and methods to the PCI Security Standards Council.

Cade continued: “Using smartphones as contactless mPOS terminals is one of the most exciting and disruptive trends in the payment technology space, but it presents new security challenges that can only be adequately resolved with a Trusted User Interface (TUI) secured by a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment. 

“As leaders in mobile app protection, we are perfectly placed to support our partner banks and fintechs with insight into challenges like this and how PCI standards are working to address them.”

PCI SSC aims to create global, cross-industry alliances to improve payment security via data security standards and programs.

Its lead product – PCI Data Security Standard – provides a framework for firms to combat the developing payment card data security process whilst also help with the prevention, detection and actioning criminal attacks/breaches.

“In an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks on systems, PCI Security Standards and resources help organizations secure payment data and prevent, detect and mitigate attacks that can lead to costly data breaches,” commented Mauro Lance, COO, PCI Security Standards Council.

“By joining as a participating organisation, Trustonic demonstrates they are playing an active part in improving payment security globally by helping drive awareness and adoption of PCI Security Standards.”