Motion Pay partner with UnionPay to offer QR code payments in Canada

Canadian cross-border mobile payment solution provider Motion Pay has begun a partnership with UnionPay International.

The partnership will make way for the launch of UnionPay QR code payments across Canada.

Introducing QR code payment availability acts as a move to support Canadian businesses to attract more Chinese consumers and tourists with their preferred payment options.

“It’s a great opportunity for Motion Pay to expand its service scope to businesses across Canada. We are thrilled and feel very humbled to have been selected by UnionPay International to offer the UnionPay QR code payment service,” commented Eric Paquet, Motion Pay’s president and chief operating officer.

“We believe this partnership will definitely benefit both parties by reaching more Canadian merchants and ultimately facilitate the shopping and payment experience for Chinese consumers”.

Founded in 2002, UnionPay serves a card base of over 7 billion globally – standing as the largest cardholder base in the world.

UnionPay is one of the most preferred payment methods of Chinese outbound tourists and the firm possess mobile payment services in 46 countries and regions worldwide.

Customers can add their UnionPay cards into the companies mobile app in order to pay with the QR code payment service.

UnionPay said in a corporate statement: “Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese outbound tourists, and UnionPay International is committed to offering as safe and seamless mobile payment experience to our cardholders in their travel destinations as that back in China.

“This is why we choose to partner with Motion Pay which has the abundant experience and knowledge in providing QR Code mobile payment solutions in Canada,”

According to Destination Canada, China was Canada’s largest source of tourist arrivals from the Asia-Pacific region and Destination Canada’s second largest overseas market.

UnionPay International said it will also launch “several rounds of promotional campaigns” in 2019.