NatWest sets a UK first by integrating OneID’s solution to “transcend borders”

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

NatWest revealed that it has become the first UK bank to integrate OneID’s bank-verified digital identity solution to add a layer of further protection for its customers. 

The solution seeks to become the fastest form of being able to prove a customer’s identity from different countries. NatWest will roll out OneID’s solution to those in the UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway to verify their identity. 

In a bid to “transcend borders” for digital ID, the switch to OneID comes after NatWest reviewed its existing verification solutions for document and contract signing for its leasing businesses in the Nordic countries. 

The UK bank identified that a “more robust and frictionless solution was required”, as the ‘text authorisation’ or ‘one-time password’ methods were found to be inadequate in terms of both security and efficiency.

Kevin Dearing, Head of Bank of APIs at NatWest, commented: “Through utilising OneID’s Digital Identity solution within Adobe Acrobat Sign, NatWest is streamlining business processes while strengthening the security of signatories. 

“NatWest has been enabling customers to consent to share bank-held identity attributes with OneID so it is great to see a use case for these services emerge from within NatWest.”

The UK high-street bank sought for a singular solution that streamlined various digital ID requirements and integrated OneID’s bank-verified digital identity solution to achieve this. 

The solution offers NatWest customers, across several countries three seamless ways to verify themselves; OneID’s UK-based digital ID for UK bank accounts, local bank ID solutions for Nordic bank accounts, and OneID’s document scanning solution to confirm government identity documents.

Commenting on the partnership, OneID CEO, Paula Sussex said: “NatWest’s partnership with OneID exemplifies their commitment to deliver innovation and security in its identity verification processes. 

“OneID’s solution perfectly delivers on this commitment and supports NatWest’s drive to deliver a seamless and secure banking experience for its customers.” 

Both parties confirmed that NatWest became the first UK bank to integrate this solution and also deepens its presence in the Nordics by providing a digital ID gateway for leasing businesses in the region.