Gaining admission to the FT’s list of fastest-growing European firms is one thing, but to make the top 10% of those high flyers is a serious achievement in itself. Having done just that, Jeton spoke with Payment Expert about its ranking and being recognised for its diligent work and expansion.

Global payment provider Jeton has found itself on the FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies this year, signalling prodigious progress and growth for the firm in recent years. Jeton placed 75th on the list, which is a joint venture between the Financial Times and German research company, Statista. 

The eighth annual edition of the listing, regarded as one of the entrepreneurial world’s most valued league tables, ranks the 1,000 European companies with the most substantial revenue growth across 31 European territories. 

Firms are listed in order of the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue from 2019 to 2022. Entry to this year’s list was only available to companies that returned a minimum average growth rate of 36.9%.

Reflecting on the achievement, Executive Director, Saaly Temirkanov, said: “This recognition comes after years of diligent work and expansion for Jeton, which has grown significantly since its establishment in 2018. The company has since been providing a comprehensive range of services, offering a wider selection of products, and becoming a reputable partner to individuals and corporations.”

According to the FT, this year’s annual ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies reflects shifting corporate fortunes for businesses in the region that have been faced with the task of managing and recovering from the impact of Covid-19. The return to growth after the pandemic, it noted, was hindered by high inflation and a cost-of-living squeeze made worse due to the energy crisis arising from the war in Ukraine. 

As a result of its global expansion, Jeton currently holds operational licences in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and the Commonwealth of Dominica. These achievements have merited prestigious awards such as the AIBC Dubai Awards 2022.

The company’s global reach is extensive, with a wallet that covers more than 70 currencies across more than 100 countries. It offers over 50 payment methods and has multiple checkout options with banks and wallets. Users can easily transact using various international and local payment methods, highlighting their global presence. 

Furthermore, the company has unique financial solutions and products such as Jeton Card, by VISA, available in 31 countries and enabling payment options such as Google and Apple Pay. Jeton’s solutions include an e-voucher, Jeton Cash, helping users make payments without leaving sensitive information behind. This method is a quick, easy, and safe way to conduct online transactions. 

Jeton also has successfully managed strategic partnerships, including its ongoing collaboration with West Ham United and past agreements with prominent Premier League football teams.

Temirkanov, expressing gratitude for the company’s inclusion on the list, emphasised the team’s commitment, hard work, and varied expertise, saying: “We are excited about our recent achievement and the opportunities it presents for our future. This acknowledgement also underscores the unwavering support and confidence of our partners in our capacity to pioneer new ventures and deliver exceptional results daily.”

He concluded: “Being featured on the Financial Times’ prestigious FT1000 list shows how Jeton Wallet is really dedicated to seeking excellence and innovation in the fintech industry. It shows that we’re growing fast and doing things right in the world of finance and technology. This recognition boosts our reputation and makes more people aware of us around the world. It also motivates us to keep improving and helping even more people with our online payment services.”

Jeton’s ranking and the full list of Europe’s fastest-growing businesses can be seen HERE