Danske Bank embarks on cloud transformation journey with AWS

Purple cloud with wires coming from bottom.
Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Danske Bank has signed a multi-year agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to invest in cloud technology.

Under the agreement, Danske Bank will move infrastructure, apps, and data for personal, business and institutional customers, to AWS, enabling access to cloud apps, services while modernising its existing apps by applying AWS technologies.

The deal is part of Danske Bank’s Forward’ 28 strategy, which aims to strengthen its position as a leading bank in the Nordic region and make significant investments in customer offerings. 

Frans Woelders, COO of Danske Bank, commented: “We are and continue to be a leading bank in a digital age, and therefore we are investing significantly in digitalisation and technology to provide a better banking experience and drive operational efficiency. 

“Our customers are becoming increasingly digital, and we focus on addressing their expectations for online services and on becoming a simple, efficient, and secure bank in line with our Forward’28 strategy.”

The bank has launched a comprehensive tech overhaul, prioritising cloud, data and AI in the hopes of accelerating innovative customer solutions, with this deal it will transition to AWS to enable it to improve productivity across the entire company.

In detail, the overhaul includes migrating over 16,000 virtual and physical servers and more than 1,000 applications from its private cloud to AWS, leveraging its full range of cloud technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning and Generative AI.

Danske Bank believes that these services will boost internal developer productivity, power conversational interfaces, provide personalised recommendations and gain insights from customer interactions.

“Working with the latest technology enables us to nurture innovation and give employees the opportunity to upskill, while allowing the bank to become a more attractive employer to prospective talent,” Woelders added.

“AWS’s global infrastructure and comprehensive cloud capabilities will enable our developers to quickly build, test and launch next-generation banking services in compliance with security, regulatory and sustainability requirements.”

Last year, the cloud computing platform announced that Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest financial services provider, was accelerating its cloud-first strategy with AWS.

These latest deals come as banks look to provide customers with a seamless digital customer journey, as digital use increases year on year in the payments landscape.