Manchester City player stars in ‘my fabric’ OKX campaign

Image courtesy of Manchester City

OKX has named Manchester City football player Jack Grealish as its global brand ambassador to star in its ‘my fabric’ campaign.

The collaboration between OKX, the official sleeve partner of Manchester City, and the midfielder will include Grealish’s involvement in exclusive fan engagement initiatives. The agreement kicks off with the launch of the ‘my fabric’ campaign today, aiming to deepen the connection between fans and the club.

The ‘my fabric’ campaign will delve into the personal journey of OKX ambassadors, highlighting the hard work, determination and challenges they have overcome throughout their career.

Additionally, OKX plans to continue to expand the campaign featuring other soon-to-be-announced ambassadors across online and social platforms.

OKX’s Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique, commented: “Sport captivates us because we identify with the emotional triumph and heartbreak of competition. As a brand, we feel we’re most valuable to fans when we can use our platform to give them unique insight and access to their favourite athletes. 

“That’s why we’re proud to launch the new ‘my fabric’ campaign, which shows how each arrived at the pinnacle of their sport.”

The firm’s partnership with Manchester City began in March 2022, then expanded in July 2022 when OKX became the club’s official training kit partner for the 2022/23 season.

Grealish said: “I’m very excited to continue my partnership with OKX as they develop more great experiences for our fans around the world. In the ‘my fabric’ campaign, I enjoyed sharing details about my journey as a footballer and talked about overcoming some challenges I’ve faced.
“I hope that by sharing my experience, I’ll be able to inspire our fans to achieve their own goals as well.”