Revolut blurs the lines between telecom and payments

A woman holding three digitally edited SIM cards.
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Revolut has announced a new ‘eSIM’ service to combat rapidly increasing data roaming fees for UK customers when abroad.

The fintech’s UK-based customers will be able to install an eSIM digitally and top it up through the Revolut app, which can be used simultaneously alongside a physical SIM, allowing users to switch between networks whenever they need to.

Elyas Sadou, Product Owner of eSIM at Revolut, commented: “At Revolut, we harness technology to simplify our customers’ lives, and that’s precisely what our eSIM accomplishes.

The product looks to fight rising costs of data roaming for UK customers, which has significantly increased following the Brexit transition period ending in 2021. The UK House of Commons Library stated that ‘there has been no obligation on UK mobile operators to guarantee surcharge-free roaming across the European Economic Area’.

Revolut is trying to make cross-border mobile payments as accessible as possible, as this product comes after the UK-based fintech announced Mobile Wallets, a cross-border payments solution designed to simplify the process of sending money abroad, aiming to support expats. 

Once the eSIM is connected, customers can use the Revolut app without using up their mobile data allowance, with ultra plan subscribers gaining access to 3GB of data, which they can use globally each month.

In addition, all customers in the UK will benefit from an introductory offer of 100 MB mobile data at no cost.

“It offers seamless access to mobile data, eliminating the inconvenience of high prices or the need to buy and organise a physical SIM card,” said Sadou.

Revolut also revealed last month that the majority of all its reported crime cases in the UK started on Meta platforms via its scam data for 2023.