MX Technologies to tap into Open Banking via Trustly

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

MX Technologies’ data enhancement services will be leveraged as part of a partnership with Trustly to tap into the latter’s Open Banking product suite. 

By accessing this range of Open Banking capabilities, MX Data Enhancement will be able to streamline its consumer-permissioned transaction data and categorise more transparent information to its merchant customers. 

MX Technologies outlines that a key reason for using Trustly’s Open Banking product suite is to better understand and deliver on consumer needs by informing them on tailored marketing offers and loyalty programs. 

Jim Magats, Chief Executive Officer at MX, said: “Data without context is meaningless for organisations and consumers. 

“With our comprehensive suite of data enhancement services, MX turns raw, and often indecipherable, transaction data into simple, human-readable descriptions, making it easy to identify, organise, and act on financial data.”

With MX’s “best-in-class data enhancement services”, merchants using Trustly’s payments solutions can now be equipped to deliver personalised experiences to consumers at scale.

Over 8,300 global merchants use Trustly to enable their consumers to pay directly from their bank accounts. With Pay with Bank, consumers gain intuitive, fast, and safe payment methods, while merchants can create better experiences and reduce costs with an efficient payment solution.

Alexandre Gonthier, Chief Executive Officer at Trustly, added: “We are continually focused on how we can enhance value for our merchants and ultimately, their consumers. With MX, we found a partner that not only delivers world-class data enhancement solutions but shares our commitment to improve consumer experiences.

“We’re excited to work with MX to enhance our tools so our merchants can better understand and support their customers.”